Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Under the rain.

A long time ago I noticed that Spring makes most of its progress in the battle against Winter during rainy days. Not during the shiny sunny days, but under the spring rain. It has been raining here, in my ranger statin, continuosly for almost 72 hours. The rain has melted the leftover snow from taiga around, washed away the gray volcanic ash from bushes and grass, and nature is shining again with clean early spring colors. After five months of Kisimen Volcano erupting with abundant ashfall I almost forgot how beautiful it can be. Now if I walk outside I won't leave a trail of ash behind me. Can you imagine how easy is it to breathe now? The snowdrifts are only left in deep gullys and under steep river banks.

Animals feel the relief too! Today my intern, Alexy, and I were working inside with the computer and plotter preparing the photographs for the summer exhibitions in the Reserve, but even from our windows we saw four different foxes, two wolverines and two bears passing by. And all of them were galloping or at a trot as if in great excitement.

Original post is by Igor Shpilenok (both text & images) in Russian here.

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