Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good morning from Bryansk Forest!

Back in the beginning of June a strike of lightening burned down equipment for my satellite internet (nothing else is available in my village), but since then I was not in a hurry to restore the access: all my energy was directed on completing the construction project on my house. As a result the living area doubled! Now my children will each have their separate rooms, and both my wife and I will have a spacious home office. There is still some finishing left – but it is not my job to do the painting. This week specialists changed my Internet equipment – so I am back online, and hopefully will be able to post more regularly from now on.

My cameras almost got rusted waiting for me to finish building extention to my house: only recently I took them out of the boxes and started exercising to get back into professional photographer shape. Every morning I ride my horse Aza in local jungles. It is not summer here anymore, but not autumn either. A wonderful time: not a single mosquito, ripen apples and water in the river is still warm enough for swimming. Nevertheless I will soon be leaving home to go far away…

Photos: Nerussa River water meadows yesterday.



  1. Beautiful photos - as always. Happy your house is coming along and that you able to be on the net and taking photos again.

    Where are you going?

  2. Hello! Igor was going to Kamchatka, and moreover, he is already there.