Friday, February 22, 2013

Nikolay Shpilenok, my brother.

I have two younger brothers. Both of them are wildlife enthusiasts. Dmitry is specializing on wildlife films (here are his chanels: and, and Nikolay is a wildlife photographer. Dmitry and I often work far away from our homes. Nikolay is very different. Assignments with "GEO" and "Around the World" magazines took him to exotic and distant countries, but he did not get into it.

Him main focus is Bryansky forest where we grew up. He started photographing here while still in high school. Interestingly, that originally he was trying to cover the whole forest, then, he concentrated within the radius of 30 miles around his home, and now he says that he has plenty of interesting topics to work on within a mile around his porch. He almost never takes pictures of animals that are so popular among other wildlife photographers, such as bisons, bears, foxes, wild boars and eagles. But Nikolay can spend months and months on photographing hedgehogs or mosquitos. He also takes pictures of local village people and village life.

Nikolay lives almost reclusive in his a forest cabin. He rarely (but very sucessfully) participates in photo competitions and exhibitions. Recently, mobile internet has finally reached his home, and Nikonay started his photo site with his unique photo-stories. There are only about ten of them published now, but this is only the beginning.

You are welcome to visit Nikolay Shpilenok photo site here:

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  1. Very impressive.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I follow your blog through my RSS reader. And shall add your brother's blog.

  2. Hmm seems your brother's blog is not RSS capable yet.