Monday, March 11, 2013

Banks of the Geysernaya River, Kamchatka

Nowadays, while working on a new book about Kamchatka I often look through my photo archives. And I often think about how lucky I was to have a chance to work in the Valley of Geysers for several seasons in the past. It is a miraculous place. And the river in the middle of it, called Geysernaya (derived from word Geyser in Russian), is also miraculous. It is only 12 km long (7.5 miles) - but so much diversity exists along it.

On picture above, a famous volcanologists, V.A. Drozdin, who has worked in this area for many years, is crossing a river.


  1. A superb post with wonderful images. You bring Kamchatka into the viewer's intimate circle by capturing the eye with stunning, expansive visions. Kudos, my friend. I am an avid reader of this blog and I hope you never stop.

  2. Bravo ! J'en prends plein les yeux !!!!

  3. I just have found your blog (searched for some pics of mushrooms and found yours from the tundra), and cannot stop watching through the pages. When will you publish your new book? Thank you and keep on doing this awesome work!