Thursday, April 11, 2013

What was I doing 30 years ago?

30 years ago I lived started living in an abandoned ranger station in the middle of the forest. This place now is included in Bryansky Forest Nature Reserve. In the photo above is a house where my oldest sons grew up. Only in 1983 and 1987 the spring water raise so high it entered the house. It never happened since.

Living in the forest we had to mostly grow our own food. Even when we had some money (I worked on two jobs: as a school teacher and as a forest guard), there was not much to buy in nearby stores: bread, canned fish, cheap candies. Would you believe it that I first tried bananas after I was thirty, only when I started working at newly established Nature Reserve and had to visit Moscow.

We always had plenty of fresh milk. But that required mowing all summer long...

My younger brother, Nikolay, and I are stacking hay.

My father and I are riding our only means of transportation.

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