Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning from Kronotsky Nature Reserve!

Originally posted by at Доброе утро из Кроноцкого заповедника!

I am a "skylark", I always wake up before the sunrise. It is very useful for the photographer because the sunlight in early morning hours is the most interesting for image capturing. Over the years I've accumulated hundreds of morning photos, most of which were never published. And almost every day their number is growing!

Previously I was publishing relatively big photo-stories in this blog, but today I decided to start a new "column" - Good morning from Kronotsky Nature Reserve in which I will publish a single photo from my morning collection with a short description. I hope that it will bring your spirits up during these short late autumn and winter days! Most of my readers live to the east of Kamchatka, so if I publish a post at midday in Kamchatka - in my homeland in Bryansk province, in Moscow and St. Petersburg it will be early morning hours. The photo will be either from today or taken long time ago, but if you see it you will know that everything is ok here with me, in this remote Kamchatka location, in the ranger station "Kronotsky airfield" near Kronotsky volcano.

On the current picture it is 23rd of October 2010, 8:23am. You can see morning frost on the banks of Kronotskaya River.

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