Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The principal tree of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

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Erman's birch is "the principal" tree of the reserve, and even the whole eastern Kamchatka. Not many people from outside know about it. I will not provide much biological details, if interested, you can easily look it up. I just want to show you this tree, fantastically tenacious of life. I fell in love with it while living on Peninsula.

Erman's birch in the Uzon volcano Caldera.

And these are the birch trees that were twisted by the winds at the Pacific ocean coastline.

On the upper boundary of forest line the Erman's birch can exist in this form.

Birch trees near my cabin.

And this group of trees, that grow on the Hryunkina river banks, I observe and photograph in different seasons and weather conditions for several years in a row.

These fanciful twists are common for Erman's birch. (My apologies for the fox offtopic).

This is how the birch trees forest looks like in October.

Sparse growth of Erman's birch trees from a helicopter.

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