Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warm, calm and cloudy.

It is warm and cloudy today. Large packs of crows are pecking last year's berries in tundra. The largest pack has 63 birds in it! I have a feeling that nothing will be left for other animals after their feast.

The only snowdrifts left are in the shade of my cabin, but even they are thawing away. The weather forecast for tonight says that the strong cyclone is coming with mix of rain and snow, and strong winds. I am worried about Steller's sea eagles - they are already hatching in their enormous nests. In the radius of two miles around my ranger station three nests are occupied. Let's hope that these birds have adapted well to the spring storms.

And I have prepared myself for the storm as well: I brought enough water from the river and firewood for three days. I don't know how the satellite internet will work - it is sensitive to precipitation.

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