Thursday, August 4, 2011

The time to go home is getting closer...

Good morning from Kronotsky Nature Reserve!

On this exact date one year ago I left my home in Bryansk forest. The time to go back is getting closer. Today I was thinking what will I miss when I leave. I will miss the sounds of ocean waves, the snowy volcano tops, the freedom of emptiness of the tundra around my ranger station, the bears trails in high summer grass, the foxes under my windows... I will also miss the feeling of loneliness. And Kamchatka fogs! Every single day has started with a thick fog during the whole extend of the warm time of year near my house here.

And I really liked it! In the fog I like the smell of the wet grass, the vague silhouettes of bushes and trees, sudden and exciting encounters with animals. I like to see how the fog moves, like it is alive, how it shifts up as the sun warms it up and opens up the familiar surroundings. I love to return to the station in the damp clothes, light a fire in a stove, make the coffee and really enjoy every drop of it.

But there, back at home, there will be other joys of life...


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