Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too much to eat?

Our local bears, who just recently were so fit and slim, have got the bellies now, similar bear bellies, - it is the season of readily accessible food abundance.

Today on of them have stopped by on a helicopter landing ground near our ranger station. Apparently he thinks that crowberries are tastier here, even though they are covering everything around, I haven't ever seen a harvest as heavy as this year! In some places several layers of the berries are laying on the ground and it is difficult to walk: the "carpet" is too rich. As I walk I can feel how hundreds of berries explode under the soles of my shoes.

From a single point it is easy to gather a medium basket to eat, and you won't even need to move around. I am wondering if volcanic ash from Kizimen eruption this winter have such a wholesome effect on the soil...

Originally posted  at Доброе утро из Кроноцкого заповедника!


  1. Beautiful writing, and beautiful photographs! You are so lucky to be doing what you do...

    Some of the posts for English, ended up in Russian. I got the idea of what you wrote from the pictures that accompanied the writing. Some I did take the time to translate, but that took a long time for a paragraph or two.
    Happy for you and your family that you have such a rewarding job!!

  2. Hello LidleBits,

    Thank you for your comment, I transferred it to Igor:) I'm glad you liked it, I'm doing my best to keep up.

    The work is still in progress for older stories, that's why some of them are still in Russian. The original, older version of Igor's blog is here (all in Russian though...):