Monday, October 31, 2011

Kamchatka dreams.

It has been already 1.5 months since I came back to my home in Bryansk Forest. During the year that I was away, a great deal of work has accumulated here. So now I have to work hard and do not have time for many things. I did not even start sorting my photos from this year Kamchatka archive, because I decided to buy a new, high quality monitor to replace the old one to work them. But I will have to drive to Moscow to get one. (Translator note: Igor lives in a remote village in Bryansk region accessible only by dirt roads. It is at least 8 hours drive to Moscow.)

Nevertheless, Kamchatkan thoughts come to my mind independent of my will. Almost every day, without any practical reason, I check the weather conditions in Kronotsky Nature reserve. A week ago my son, Petya, came back from Kronotsky and showed his photos from reserve special task force team everyday life. These rangers (and Petya is one of them) just came back from a several weeks long patrolling expedition to the most remote corners of the reserve. Seeing his photos has started my Kamchatkan dreams; every night, just as if it was a tv-show, I started seeing dreams-episodes about Kamchatka.

Most frequently I see shoals of large fish in crystal clear water. I also see the animals that I know (today, for example, I’ve seen my friend – fox Alisa, she was hunting for mice). Also I dream about hiking to the places, to which I did not have a chance to go to yet… Couple of times, in my dreams I’ve encountered a bear and did not have my gun with me – those were scary and woke me up.
This is my life: I see Kamchatka in my dreams when I live at home, and when I live and work in Kamchatka, I have dreams about Bryansk Forest. It’s a pity that we can’t photograph our dreams yet:).

And also, many of my readers write to me, that they miss Kamchatka. So I decided that it will be easier to miss it together. So I’ll start publishing my photos from Kamchatka under the collective name – Kamchatka dreams.

My favorite volcano, Kronotskaya Sopka, is on this photo. The view is from the marshy maritime tundra.

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