Monday, October 17, 2011

European bisons. First days in Bryanskiy Les Nature Reserve.

Today I had time to observe our new settlers, European bisons. For now they are living in a large enclosure, but when the other members of this future herd of 10 will arrive, we will release the animals.

Bisons are rare animals. Every cub, that is born in nurceries or zoos, is listed in the Internations breed book under its own name. All three bulls were born in a nursery of Okski Nature Reserve, therfore their names start with "Me": Megai, Mestkom and Merkis. And the cow's name is Feisha, because she came to Okski Reserve from Finland. She is older than bulls and became a leader of this little herd.

Feisha is in the lead. She always first comes up to the face of any danger.

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