Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our little herd of bisons is getting ready for winter!

Good morning from Bryanskiy Les nature reserve!

In the end of October three more bisons arrived from bison nursery in Prioksko-Terrasnyi nature reserve to to Bryankiy Les: Murkuaza, Muntanna and Munatep (see the full story at european-bison label). Our little herd of total 10 animals, 5 cows and 5 bulls, will soon be released to start a new population in a wild. But for now our bisons are adapting in a large enclosure. Some of the animals will be wearing satellite collars and the reserve scientists will be monitoring their position in real time.

This work on restoration of european bison population in Bryansk Forest is part of a larger project aimed at bringing these bisons back to the wild throughout all the forests of European part of Russia. Among approximately 200 bisons, that are living in the wild in national park Orlovskoe Polesye and in nature reserve Kaluzhskie Zaseki, there are many, that were born in a wild! And that is a great accomplishment!

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