Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why does a bear rise on his rear feet?

How does a bear behave when encounter a human? In most cases he runs away. But before running he almost always would rise to stand on his rear feet. And this behavior does not indicate the attack, as many people think... (Click below to read more)

By doing so this animal orientates himself on the ground and satisfies his exploratory instincts. Bears have excellent scent and hearing, but his vision fails sometimes. It is difficult for a bear to clearly see human or another source of danger through tall grass, tree branches and among stones. So by standing up tall he can see better.
On a rare occasion a bear might start an attack on human after getting up on rear feet. But for the actual attack he will get back on all fours anyway.
It is an amazing experience to see a bear standing up on his rear feet: animal resemblance with humans is phenomenal. The head of this large mammal is usually raised over 6.5 feet above the ground at these moments.

Sometimes a bear stands up on his feet during fishing; this way he can better see fish in the water.

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