Sunday, October 14, 2012

New looks of autumn here.


The wind and rain of the past several days has left some of yellow leaves on trees. Maybe just to create this contract between the white, snow covered volcanos and reddish trees underneath. The landscapes are unbelieveably beautiful.

Today, my companion and I spend considerable amount of time trying to find a spot along the lake coast without bears, but we did not succeed. So here it is, this is how the Ilyinskaya Sopka volcano really looks now.

Below are the photos from the first evening after the storm. The storm that brought all that snow and decorated the mountain tops with it.



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  1. Possibly the most colored season os the year;realatively shorter in these northern latitudes.Espectacular especially in the larch forest,and also this landscapes gain coloration where the larch is combined with te dark green colour of firs, spruces, cedars and pines or with the sylver-blue thonalithies of white siberian fir and Ayan spruce.But i dont understand why in Kamchatka the conifer trees are rare, and only in localized zones if the climate is smoothy and wet, than for example; Magadan or Yakutia, but i read that in the past was more frecuent especially in the south,you know?.

    1. Hello Marc, I forwarded your question to Igor. You can also ask him directly at his original, Russian-based journal.