Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not so simple fox...

Three time a day this fox passes one of the human made paths near our station. And for a week my friend Adam is trying to take a picture of him at that moment. He spends a long time waiting, but at the last moment he is caught unprepared by a fox. Adam is a landscape photographer, so he is not used to the models being so fast. For me it is easy, every time I was able to catch this fox on my camera exactly the way I wanted - I have a lot of experience with those red and sneaky animals.

But today I missed the capture that I was dreaming about all my life! The fox started to listen for mice within two yards from me, and, unfortunately, I had a telephoto lens on my camera and I could only take a photo of the fox nose at this moment... I just watch in amazement how the fox jumped and got the mouse. Afterwards I crawled away, but it was too late. The fox finished with it's prey and dissappeared.

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