Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nature reserve at my desk.

My life has been disconnected from the nature resently: I either work on the computer, preparing photos for presentations and books, or I find myself behind the wheel driving somewhere... I haven't even been to the forest this year, and that is despite the fact that I live on the border of Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve (Zapovednik Bryansky Les)... In order not to forget at least how to press the camera button I took this photo in the morning. And here you go, I've got three animals captured, a bear, a mouse, and a cat.

This is my famous cat, Ryska, who didn't always serve as my secretary. In the past she spend a cold and difficult winter with me in the middle of Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka, in harsh taiga environment. Over there she showed how brave she is by protecting my cabin from foxes.

You are welcome to read more about this period of our life at this award winning photo description:
Respect by Igor Shpilenok at BBC Wildlife photographer of the year competition 2009

Or, if you understand Russian you can read more here:

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