Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wild nature festival "Golden Turtle" and meeting with my dear readers in Moscow.

Tomorrow I am leaving to go to Moscow for the opening of Wild Nature festival Golden Turtle. My presentation there is scheduled for 20th of January at 3:30pm. For me, every festival like this is a great opportunity to spend time with my friends and meet new people who care about wild nature conservation. I plan to be in Moscow from 18th to 20th of January.

On 19th of January at 3pm I will be at Biblio-Globus book store for an informal meeting with my readers. At both of the meetings you will have a chance to buy my new book "My Kamchatkan neighbors".

You can find out details in the original post in Russian:

And on the photo, it is our friend, Cosmo (Кузя in Russian), who is curious about new icelings on my window.

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