Thursday, June 2, 2011

Casual interactions with Mr. Sneaky Evildoer.

Today at sunrise I went down the river to Kronotsky-Bogachevsky estuary. There I've met our good old acquaintance, Mr Sneaky Evildoer. Our interaction went along the usual path.

As soon as I was far enough from the boat on the shore Mr. Sneaky jumped into the boat and methodically sprayed all the photo-gear, the seat and the ores left in the kayak! When I saw this... outrageous breach of all limits, I attempted to take a photo of him doing it with the second camera that I had with me. But just as I took the camera in my hands the fox jumped out of the boat and started to nibble the fresh grass on the shore! Apparently, by doing so he wanted to demonstrate his absolute innocence and commitment to vegetarian diet...

Despite the frequent requests from my readers to show foxes more often, at these times of their hair shedding I try not to publish current photos. Now those red "beasts" really don't look their best... But after what Mr. Evildoer has done, I really want to get my revenge upon him! So don't hesitate and click below for more pictures!

Nevertheless, Mr. Evildoer has won over my heart with the following actions today. After feeding on grass he picked up a fishing float thrown out from the ocean and disappeared with it in the direction of his burrow.
Can you guess what is he going to do with it?
For the answer you can click here.

PS To see how this particular fox looked in the middle of winter with his best coat, you can click here. And to get to know this character better - you can click here.

Original post is by Igor Shpilenok (both text & images) in Russian here.

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