Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nine cubs in Mr. Evidoer's family!!

It is a wonderful season now: the temperature outside is very comfortable for long hikes, the trees have gentle new leaves on and there are no mosquitoes yet! There is so much to do now that I don’t even have time for sleeping eating and other necessaries of life… As soon as I got back from Kronotsky Lake yesterday I immediately went to the estuary to visit Mr. and Mrs. Evildoers. As it turns out they have nine cubs, and not five as we thought before!!! And all of the little ones look well fed and taken care of. I’ve witnessed from my hide how Mr. Sneaky personally participates in making their daily toilette! Such a caring father! And I wish you could have seen the funny and cute moments when the cubs gather around Mrs. Evildoer for feeding!

Therefore, with all this life going on around me, I do not have time to process and prepare more photos and write longer reports… Hopefully, when the weather gets worse or the life slows down, I’ll catch up!

Original post in Russian here.

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