Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can you name these mushrooms?

These are the most abundant mushrooms in nearby tundra. Probably they are not toxic, but require special treatment before eating. I do not eat them, I prefer porcini that are also in season now. Last year I made an entry asking my readers for help identifying these mushrooms, but we could not find the answer. More than ten different names were proposed, and we concluded that additional information, such as bottom and cross-section views are needed for identification. Below I made photos of those features, so I hope that maybe this time we will find the true name?

//Translator's note: since the original posting yesterday, 250 comments were received, but still no solid conclusion about the species of these mushrooms. Some of the suggestions include Xerocomus, Suillus, Suillus ochraceoroseus, Suillus bovinus...

And finally, I wanted to dedicate a last picture to the developers of livejournal visual web-editor. Since recent changes, that were implemented over past several weeks, it became extremely difficult to upload long posts there (the Russian version of this blog is maintained there - translator's note). Because of upredictable behaivor my readers can not read some of the stories that I wrote. It seems to me that developers' hands are not attached to a proper place... Possibly, their hands are growing from the place on their bodies that looks like this, just like that little twig on the photo above.

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