Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good morning from Kenozero!


It’s been such a long time since I updated my blog! I was building an extension to my house (that ended up being larger than the original building). If you remember, I have promised myself not to touch my camera or go online before I finish with construction work. On top of that promise, in the middle of June, a lightening strike has burned down the satellite internet equipment and I was completely cut off from civilization (mobile connection is very weak and unstable in my village in Bryansk Forest).

Now, since I’ve completed the roof on the new part of the house and only interior work is left to finish, I decided to take a small break and visit the North, my favorite place on Earth along with Bryansk Forest and Kamchatka.

This is Kenozerje, surroundings of the lakes Kenozero and Lekshmozero in Kargopolsky and Pletsetsky region in Archangelsk oblast. This is a land of harsh northern climate but it has been developed by generations of brave local people. Nowhere else in Russia can you feel such a strong historic atmosphere and culture. Past century wars did not come so far north with their destruction and, therefore some of the wooden houses, chapels and other buildings over hundred years old survived here as well as patriarchal life style.


I did not visit Kenozerje for eight years and now I live in a tent near a village Glazovo. This is not a first time that I am telling you about Kenozerskyi National park and about this village, at the link you can read my previous post at this link. My tent is hidden in the middle of this summer blossoms. Interestingly, cell phone coverage is pretty good over here, and on the top of the hill I even get relatively fast internet. Therefore I will share some of my photos with you.

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