Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on Mr. Sneaky Evildoer housing situation. Happy end so far...

Estuary shore looks like a three lane highway these days, with a separate lane for each animal species.

I was in a thick fog of the estuary by the sunrise this morning. Every now and then I was hearing the bears roar and the sound of their footsteps on the water. First of all I discovered that the new burrow was also digged up, and there were no foxes in it. I went back to the old burrow (that I've shown yesterday) and noticed some fresh fox paw prints on a soft ground. So I stayed in a hide from 6 to 10am and only saw one cub peeked from one of the burrow branches that was partially undestroyed.

The morning was marvellous, after 9 am the fog cleared and the panoramic view of volanos with their snow caps was astohishing. But I could not really enjoy it. I almost lost hope and went back to my station...

At home I felt restless... And in the afternoon I went back to the estuary. I was tying up my boat to the willow tree at the shore not far from the old burrow when I suddenly saw Mr Evildoer himself through the thick bushes!! He looked at me displeased with the wet dirt all over him. Let's skip my emotions... In two minutes I found a new burrow that he was busy making under the roots of the inclined willow tree.

It looks like the foxes decided to expand the abandoned or temporary otter burrow. And based on my paw-steps observations the cubs are hiding in the remains of both burrows. I quickly went back to the boat to spare the foxes from unnessesary stress of my presence. But as I was rowing away I saw Mrs. Evildoer that was dragging a large salmon to the new burrow. I do not know for sure if all of the young ones survived, but it is already a Happy end!

You can view the Russian version here..

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