Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The red-colored "poachers".

From far away I noticed that Mr. Sneaky Evildoer was carrying a duckling that he caught in the Kronotsky nature reserve. So I quietly sat on the sand and ceased to move, hoping to photograph him “red-handed”. But this old “poacher” is hard to trick! He sensed me too, carefully hid his prey in the grass and came out in the open “with clean hands”. Three times he passed me with his honest eyes as if saying: “Here, take as many pictures of me as you wish!”. And only after I left he went back to his hidden duck. Such a sly fox!

But my naïve and open-hearted neighbor, Alisa, was caught on camera today with the undisputable evidence!

Alisa was carrying a mouthful of nestlings together with the nest.

And this skillful fox managed to catch a big salmon in the shallow part of estuary.

You can view the Russian version here..

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