Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Sneaky Evildoer is in trouble...

Over a week I did not visit the family of Evildoers because the grass around their burrow grew too big to see or photograph them without disturbing.

And this is what happened meanwhile: a bear has destroyed their home. At least six cubs and a mother, Mrs. Evildoer, managed to survive (their burrow had 4 exits). I found them in their researve burrow half a mile away from the destroyed one. I was watching their activity for several hours, but did not see the father of the family. That makes me really worried about Mr. Sneaky Evildoer.

Now there is a high concentration of bears at the estuary (I spotted over a dozen). They are attracted by the salmon activity, but cannot catch any since the water level in the estuary is unusually high for this time of year. That fact makes animals more aggressive. Not only Mr. Evildoer’s burrow was razed to the ground. One of the bears has broken all windows and doors in the human cabin nearby; he also destroyed everything possible inside.

I am planning to go to the estuary again tomorrow...

You can view the Russian version here..

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