Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Queen of the Valley of Geysers!

Originally posted by  at Доброе утро из Кроноцкого заповедника!

Good morning from Kronotsky Nature Reserve!

This is Temnolapka (eng. Dark Paw) - the legendary female bear, the Queen of the Valley of Geysers. Take a closer look at the picture, there is an antenna visible on the back of her neck. In 2006-2007 this bear was wearing a satellite collar by which she made her contribution to the human knowledge about bears' life.

But she was not only famous for this collar! During her life Temnolapka managed to ride a helicopter and to meet renowned astronauts, generals and prime-ministers. She was adored by important people from different countries. And for hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of others she was the first bear that they saw in their life.

As for me, Temnolapka became the first bear that knew me by sight, she recognized my voice when I talked to her. (Also, it was her, who first chased me and forced to climb a tree for safety:)). Two summer seasons I lived next to her while working as a park ranger in the Valley of Geysers. In the future I plan to share with you more stories about Temnolapka's life accompanied by many photos.