Sunday, July 24, 2011

First berries have ripen!

Originally posted at Доброе утро из Кроноцкого заповедника!

Even though the summer has started here in Kamchatka, it is very modest and "unobtrusive". Today was the second clear day this month that we saw sunlight and nearby volcanoes. Despite the news there is nothing unusual happening to Kizimen volcano, it looks like it continues emiting the volcanic ash in moderate amounts.

Also, on the moss marshes, the cranberries are in blossom (the top photo) and the crowberries have ripen, the clowdberry is almost there too. The flocks of woodcock-berry-pickers have started to appear, this is what people call curlews that are migrating south now.

Clowdberry is almost ripe.

Dog rose blossom - this is a phenological indication of start of summer.

Hunchback salmon shoals are coming higher and higher upstream of Kronotskaya river, and the bears are following them. 

I found out that crowberries has ripen from the bear's dropping. 

First mushrooms appeared in nearby tundra, but I only recognize brown cap boletus and russules among the eatable species. For example, I am not sure how are these mushrooms called.

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