Monday, July 25, 2011

It is officially nap time!

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Now the bears are eating so much salmon, so they don’t wander around as much anymore, and spend most of their “spare” time sleeping. Today I came up very close to one serious “gentleman” sleeping soundly on the beach under the thundering of the breakers. For a long time I could not determine whether he was alive or dead, until the animal slighly moved in his sleep.

I remembered the story told by a zoologist Vladimir Mosolov, deputy director of science at Kronotsky Nature Reserve: “I was walking along the Pacific Ocean beach once, and saw a bear laying near the water line. I carefully examined him through my binoculars and concluded that he is, indeed, dead. I came closer to him and took necessary measurements. On his body I did not notice any external injuries.

So I continued walking. But in couple hundred yards I saw another bear laying on the beach. Two dead bears in a row looks abnormal. Could it be an epidemic – I thought to myself. So I came up the second bear, and, just when I was about to turn him upside down, he lifted his head. Frankly speaking, at this moment everything dropped inside me – I was too close to him to protect myself. But I was lucky – the ocean was roaring and the wind was in my direction. So the bear, apparently, did not sence my presence and went back to sleep on the sand…”

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  1. This situation looks like a kind of hunting techniques, that use some leopards for hunting monkeys; they laying on the ground and disimulating his dead,when the monkey come bery close to the leopard for curisity,and then the leopard rampagly capture the monkey and despair in the bushes.Its a big fortune that the bears dont know this practice!, if the bears being like a leopards could be lethal for his observers!!.