Friday, July 15, 2011

Interacting with an "alien".

Early this morning I was looking for the disappeared reindeer herd again, but with no luck. Even the powerful binoculars did not help.

On my way I laid on the ground to look at the tiny starflowers. As I was adjusting the focus of my macro lens, I suddenly saw that there was a tiniest pair of black curious eyes watching me from under the white flower leaf. The flower diameter is less than 1 cm, so the Creature’s size was about 1 mm! The mosquitoes were giants next to him. I crawled around the flower and the Creature was turning to follow my movements, probably thinking what to expect from me.

For a long time we were communicating in this manner, looking in each other’s eyes, and I felt so much happiness... I felt much happier than if I’d found my herd of reindeer or photographed a “herd” of bears. I felt as if I was interacting with an alien…

You can view the Russian version here..

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