Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mr. Fox and his reflection.

This is one of my fox-neighbors running along the banks of Kronotskaya River in Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Kamchatka. I took this photo during my long wintering in a remote ranger station there in 2010-2011.

The Kronotskaya river very rarely freezes at winter due being spring fed. This a photo taken by my middle son, Petr couple of weeks before the photo above.

Animals remember the summer salmon runs in this river, and keep frequently checking for fish...

But there is no fish here at this time of year!

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Лис с зеркальным отражением

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Завтра - апрель!

"Здесь рыбы нет!"


  1. The fox with reflection in the water is beautiful.

  2. I absolutely love your images. The Kamchatka Peninsula holds such treasures and thanks to you sharing your images, I can see them, too. Blessings from Tennessee, USA. And many, many thanks...