Friday, April 12, 2013

I am on my way to a dream expedition!

Since my childhood I had a dream to travel across Russia recording the beauty of wild nature... Today I am starting a journey of my dreams. It is planned to take 3 years for me to go in this car above from Western border of Russia to far East, all the way to Kamchatka and back. The photo above is taken by my brother, Nikolay Shpilenok. I am leaving my home Nature Reserve - Bryansky Forest.

At first I will be heading south to catch wild tulips blooming. Blossom of millions of wild tulips in steppes is one of the most spectacular nature event I have ever seen. I plan to participate in First Tulip Festival in Kalmykia, organized by nature activists. It will take place from 20th to 30th of April and everyone is welcome to join!Read more about this event here:

You can read more about my expedition here and here. And below are the photos from my previous, one month long expeditions around my home in Western Russia. Photos are by Nikolay Shpilenok.

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Уже в дороге! 
I am on my way.
Приезжайте на фестиваль тюльпанов в Калмыкии!
Join me at Wild Tulips festival in Kalmykiya!
Почему в этом году я не полечу на Камчатку.
Why am I not flying to Kamchatka this year.
Живет во мне мечта...
I have a dream...


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